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09.Jan.2014 “If you’re done learning, you’re done!”

This New Year, my resolution has been to slow down a little bit. People who know me may scratch their head when I say that because, while I do have talents and good qualities I’ve been given and do use, I can also be an air-head too and be accident prone. I can be a […]

24.Dec.2013 “Up in Smoke!”

If I ever have had a close call this one may take the cake. But it makes for an entertaining story. It is a story I can file in the “Someone’s watching over you” file. I got up last Saturday morning on a mission to buy a car. Trusting a dealer back home, I jumped […]

07.Nov.2013 Sideline byline

With new months come new thoughts for me. Maybe you, too. August has the onset of football season; September brings the last blast of summer, while October brings the heart of autumn (which still includes football season). November stirs up thoughts of Thanksgiving … in the sense of the day and the way of life. […]