07.Nov.2013 Sideline byline

With new months come new thoughts for me. Maybe you, too.

August has the onset of football season; September brings the last blast of summer, while October brings the heart of autumn (which still includes football season).

November stirs up thoughts of Thanksgiving … in the sense of the day and the way of life.

As most 20-somethings seem to be, I am deeply engaged in social media. Each year at about this time, the month of thankfulness starts, as they call it.

For the entire month of November, folks are assembling a daily gratitude list to hash out the things they are thankful for. What a novel idea.

I took part in the practice last year and am doing the same this fall.

I look at the idea of thanksgiving and I suddenly realize how much I have to be thankful for. The basics (food on the table, great family and friends, a roof over my head, and a really fun job) come to mind, but there are so many other reasons for me to be thankful.

One of these things to be thankful for, the other day, was my education. While I graduated from school recently, it is my hope I never cease learning in life. It is the mentality of always aiming to better myself.

As I have acclimated myself fairly well with how things are done at the Daily Globe, I am thankful that I have been given the ability to be humble and learn new things.

While I have been in the sports journalism world for a few years, moving to a new job is something I liken to switching an offensive system in football. It’s the same game but different terminology and different plays.

I am also thankful for the small things in life. Times at the lake are enjoyable for me, as are days I get to sit and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play … even when they struggle, it’s still great to be a Hawkeye.

Whatever the circumstances, it is my hope that everyone would spend the entire month of November to consider their level of thankfulness. Not just what they are thankful for, but their level of thankfulness.

I have found that a life of thanksgiving for what I have been given makes my life better.

That’s my call from the sidelines of life.

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